extremesports-logo-whiteExtreme Speed School will focus on providing top-level sports performance training for individuals as well as team and organizations. The school is staffed by certified personal trainers, Extreme Speed School coaches, many with Division I playing experience.


How do you become quicker? Faster? Stronger? How do you become more explosive? What speed drills and performance techniques will you need to focus on to achieve your goals? Before we can customize a program for you we must evaluate you on the following key elements:

  • Level of Strength and Conditioning
  • Level of Athletic Ability
  • Overall Fitness

One of our Sports Performance Coaches will analyze your current level of conditioning, athletic ability and overall fitness. Then we will customize a program that is geared towards achieving your specific goals. In addition we will also be able to partner you with other similar athletes in our program. Your progress will be recorded and monitored throughout your time training with our team.

Once the assessment is completed we will set up a meeting with you to review your individual goals and expectations. We will then develop a program that is sports specific and focused on maximum improvement.

All of your progress will be documented and monitored throughout your training with our team.


State of the Art Training Center ⋅ Sports Specific Performance Coaches ⋅ 40,000 sq. ft. of Turf

Take advantage of our monthly Unlimited Workouts that allows for unlimited speed workouts with our Sports Performance Coaches. Monthly schedule offers a variety of days, times & classes to meet your needs.

Ages 7 – 12

  • As low as $99
  • 1 Month $149
  • 3 Months $99

Age 13+

  • As Low as $129
  • 1 Month $179
  • 3 Months $129
6 Sessions – $150 
12 Sessions – $240  (payments available)
24-Sessions – $360 (payments available)

*Sessions Available for 1 Year from Date of Purchase


Once your assessment is completed you will partner with other athletes in our program of similar skill, ability and age. This small group setting will allow for maximum improvement and individual development at an intense pace. In addition, we also allow the creation of your own groups (friends, teammates, etc.) Email extremespeedschool@gmail.com for more information


Many athletes benefit with intense individualized sessions that focus specifically on their weaknesses. These sessions will be 1 on 1 between athlete and one of our Sports Performance Coaches.  Email extremespeedschool@gmail.com for more information



  • Team Warm-up – The foundation of ESS5 Team, this warm-up focuses on sport specific exercises and staged out moves during active muscular movement to increase core body temperature and flow of blood throughout the body.
  • Team Skill Movements – This part has four areas of development:
    1. Acceleration
    2. Deceleration
    3. Change of Direction
    4. Max Speed
  • Strength and Explosiveness – This segment targets the central nervous system and muscular systems in order to enhance power, speed and stabilization throughout the athletes body.
  • Team Conditioning – This component is focused on athletes who want to reach their peak performance and may not believe they have it in them. Pushing past previous limits is part of the way we achieve top conditioning.
  • Team & Individual Confidence – We build a structure where we build confidence within our athletes. With confidence athletes can achieve more than they believe is possible.

Allow our Sports Performance Coaches to work with your entire Team. We will customize a program that meets your entire team needs and goals. We will also perform this training at your location if needed.  Email extremespeedschool@gmail.com for more information


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Extreme Speed School

Soccer Technical Training & Speed Strength & Agility for Elite Soccer players. Register today. Filling up fast. Only 15 players per session. #extremesoccertrainingAct Now Space Limited

Extreme Soccer Training
Speed, Skill & Strength
Starts June 25th
Monday, Wednesday & Friday Sessions- 5-8 PM
Flexible Schedule 2 Days a Week
Choose 2 Days
Cost: $395

10 Technical Skills Sessions
10 Speed & Strength Sessioins
Limited to first 15 players in each Group

- All Technical Soccer Training facilitated by Elite Soccer Coaches and Speed & Strength run by Extreme Speed School

Building Confidence Both on & Off the Field*

Click link below for registration & more info.


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