Facility Rentals

Our netting system is State of the Art for the East Coast. Our electronic netting system allows us to break down the field into various sizes to suit your needs. While our field rentals will be available from time to time on a short-term rental basis most field rentals are done on a 10 week minimum time period.

Available Options for Field Rental

We can accommodate just about any of your sports needs – multiple rental possibilities & various sizes available for your needs.

Our netting system creates the largest batting cage on the East Coast. Our electronic netting system allows us to break down the field into various sizes to suit your needs.

Available Options for Field Rentals (All Field Rentals are 40′ in height and every option is fully enclosed by netting)

Tired of rushing to practice, running out of sunlight, practicing on bad fields? We have your answer!

For a Price List call 908-902-9886


Batting Cage Rental Info:

Looking to rent a batting cage at our facility click on link below and you can book it. If you’re a new customer you need to create a user name and account for existing customers just login and book it. We have baseballs or softballs as well as machine for your use in cage.

Cage Rentals                           Half Hour                    Hour

55’x14′    Cage Rental                   $35.00                    $65.00

65’x25′    Cage Rental                   $40.00                    $75.00   (This cage rental is 40 feet in height)

If you have any questions about baseball training or programs for baseball, including rentals contact us at marketing@sportscitynj.com

Online Booking For Cage Rentals

How It Works

Sports City has integrated an online booking system that can be done for both cage rentals as well as private lessons.

This booking system can be done from any computer or device that provides internet. Booking your workout with your very own Sports City account puts you in control and off the phone waiting to see availability at the facility. You can view cage openings and instructor availability efficiently on our automated system.

  1. Register your own account 
    2. Once you are brought to the site under the Sports City Login area you will click where it says to Click Here to Register
  2. This will now bring you to the User Registration page where you will enter all of your information. (Please write down your login and passcode.)
  3. When registering make sure to sign off on the registration waiver.
  4. You are now set to view availability for your bookings. You can pay right online or add money to your account at any time.
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